20.11.2017 – More than 1,000 fish found dead at Tokyo’s Sunshine Aquarium
A major Tokyo aquarium has lost almost all of the fish inside its largest tank, likely due to lack of oxygen.
27.03.2017 – The contemporary economic value of elasmobranchs in The Bahamas: Reaping the rewards of 25 years of stewa
Elasmobranch populations in The Bahamas offer a unique juxtaposition to the widespread decline of many species around the world, largely due to management and conservation initiatives implemented over
EU represented by European Commission to participate for first time as full Party with 28 Member states in one voting bloc.
05.03.2015 – Law on Secondary Homes: a good compromise for an acceptable law
Only a few days ago, no one believed that a compromise could be reached on the Law on Secondary Homes, supposed to implement the Initiative on Secondary Home of Fondation Franz Weber. Discussions
06.02.2015 – UN calls on Colombia to exclude children from bullfights
Bogotá, Colombia (February 6th, 2015). The United Nations (UN), through its Committee on the Rights of the Child, one of the nine human rights treaty bodies, has made an explicit pronouncement
04.02.2015 – « Lex Weber »: A recipe book for more constructions
The Swiss Parliament has gone too far.
28.01.2015 – France takes steps to protect elephants
Last week, 37 NGOs, including the Fondation Franz Weber, sent a letter to the French Ministry of Ecology demanding immediate measures be taken to curb the ivory trade and its catastrophic consequences
21.10.2014 – Initiative « Let the cows keep their horns! »
Il y a 35 ans, Armin Capaul (62) a vu pour la première fois un troupeau de vaches sans cornes sur un alpage. « Je me souviens encore de ce que j’ai pensé : mais qu&
26.09.2014 – Second Homes Law – A users guide to bypassing the people's will (French)