08.02.2018 – The UN calls on Spain to shield children and adolescents from bullfighting
The UN Committee of the Rights of the Child, the highest international human rights body for minors, today issued a recommendation to Spain following a report presented to it by Fondation Franz Weber
28.11.2017 – African Elephant Coalition renews call for global ivory trade ban
European and American conservation leaders today called on governments worldwide to support requests from African nations to end all trade in elephant ivory to safeguard the future of elephants. 
14.11.2017 – Barcelona City Council: please approve the citizen's Initiative ZOOXXI
24.07.2017 – The deathblow for bullfighting
The gory spectacle of bulls bleeding to death is now a thing of the past in the Balearics. In an historic vote, the parliament of Spain's Mediterranean islands has adopted a new animal welfare law
28.03.2017 – ZOOXXI: first stop Barcelona
The paradigm shift regarding zoos around the world starts today in Barcelona. The ZOOXXI platform is launching the city's first Citizens' Initiative, an approach of participatory democracy tha
01.02.2017 – African nations urge EU, UK to ban all trade in Elephant Ivory
The 29 member countries of the African Elephant Coalition (AEC) today praised China’s recent decision to ban its domestic ivory trade and called on the European Union and the UK to follow China&
01.01.2017 – Wonderful News to start into the New Year with!
China has announced a ban on all ivory trade and processing activities by the end of 2017. China's State Council announced the details of the ban on Friday. Fondation Franz Weber hails the decisio
27.12.2016 – Milestone! Law to convert Mendoza Zoo approved
With 20 to 15 votes the Senate of the Argentinian province Mendoza has approved a law to convert the zoo of Mendoza into an Eco-Park.
15.11.2016 – FFW launches wildlife trafficking awareness campaign at Marrakesh airport on the fringes of COP22
Montreux, 15 November 2016 -- On the fringes of the 22nd session of the Conference of the Parties (COP22) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the Franz Weber Foundat
12.11.2016 – FFW launches wildlife trafficking awareness campaign at Marrakesh airport on the fringes of COP22
Montreux, 15 November 2016 -- On the fringes of the 22nd session of the Conference of the Parties (COP22) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the Franz Weber Foundat
CoP22 on the climate change in Marrakesh: A golden opportunity to the raise awareness of locals and the throngs of visitors on the illegal wildlife trade.
EU CASTS PIVOTAL 28 VOTES AGAINST BAN Some Additional Protection for Elephants at CITES, But Not Enough. A proposal for a permanent ban on international trade in elephant ivory was defeated, but t
24.09.2016 – European Union decision may doom African elephants
The European Union, following a decision taken by the European Commission on 1st July, will oppose a total ban on international trade in elephant ivory at the 17th Conference of the Parties (CoP17) of
04.07.2016 – 29 African countries call on the EU to stop the slaughter of elephants
«Follow through on your commitments for a total ban on the ivory trade and support an African solution to an African problem!»
27.06.2016 – African Nations Call On the World to Help Them Save African Elephants
The African Elephant Coalition (AEC), comprising 29 African countries, are calling on the world to join them in saving elephants. The Montreux Manifesto, agreed at a meeting of the Coalition in Montre
28.04.2016 – Ivory burn launches campaign for global ivory trade ban
Conservationists welcome move to tighten international legal protection for elephants
04.02.2016 – UN: Children in France and Peru must also be protected from the violence of bullfighting
The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child urges two additional countries that conduct bullfighting activities to protect their children from the violence of bullfights. France and Peru are asked to
11.01.2016 – Hope for elephants in Geneva?
Illegal – and legal – trade in ivory and the rampant killing of African elephants will be a central topic of discussion next week at the 66th meeting of the Standing Committee&nb
01.01.2016 – Happy New Year!
05.11.2015 – Great news from Africa!
25 representatives of African countries, members of the African Elephant Coalition, met in Benin from November 2 to 4 2015 to discuss the poaching crises the African elephant currently faces.
31.07.2015 – Cecil the Lion’s Death Reveals Americans’ Big Role in Trophy Hunting
A Minnesota dentist’s killing of the famous lion has sparked outrage, but it remains to be seen whether it will spur a crackdown on big game hunting.
24.07.2015 – Catalonia prohibits the use of animals in circuses!
The Parliament of Catalonia, Spain, has adopted a Law prohibiting the use of animals in circuses within its territory. Working with the organization LIBERA!, Fondation Franz Weber has decisively contr
19.06.2015 – Helvetia Nostra sends its determinations on the future zoning Law of Valais
Helvetia Nostra and other environmental organizations ent their determinations on the project of zoning Law of Valais.
10.06.2015 – UN recognizes that bullfighting violates children's rights
The United Nations (UN) Committee on the Rights of the Child, the highest authority in examining the fulfilment of rights set forth in the Convention on the Rights of the Child, has expressly declared
05.06.2015 – Bullfighting at its lowest!
20.04.2015 – Program X:enius (ARTE) on animal suffering
Do animals suffer? Do they have feelings? X:enius, a program on ARTE, looks into these questions.
09.04.2015 – EU urged to ban ivory exports immediately
Eighteen international environmental and conservation organisations are calling on European Union governments to halt all exports of raw ivory when the EU’s Committee on Trade in Wild Fauna and
20.03.2015 – Swiss Parliament passes Law on Secondary Homes
Swiss Parliament passed today, with a wide majority, the Law on Secondary Homes. Both Houses approved the compromise signed by Vera Weber, President of Fondation Franz Weber and Helvetia Nostra, and r
05.03.2015 – Law on Secondary Homes: a good compromise for an acceptable law
Only a few days ago, no one believed that a compromise could be reached on the Law on Secondary Homes, supposed to implement the Initiative on Secondary Home of Fondation Franz Weber. Discussions
19.02.2015 – Press conference: Secondary Homes Law
Fondation Franz Weber and Helvetia Nostra held a press conference today on the law project on secondary homes and Swiss tourism. Below, the press release in German.
12.02.2015 – Training for the women of Fazao and Malfakassa: plastic recycling
Fondation Franz Weber continues her activities in the Fazao-Malfakassa National Park: apart from its anti-poaching actions, the creation of new infrastructures and the promotion of a sustainable touri
09.02.2015 – FFW protests against tree-massacre on the Seerhein
With great consternation, Fondation Franz Weber learned that a magnificent poplar alley was meant to be cut down in Tägermoss by the town of Konstanz. This “massacre” was only just st
06.02.2015 – UN calls on Colombia to exclude children from bullfights
Bogotá, Colombia (February 6th, 2015). The United Nations (UN), through its Committee on the Rights of the Child, one of the nine human rights treaty bodies, has made an explicit pronouncement
04.02.2015 – « Lex Weber »: A recipe book for more constructions
The Swiss Parliament has gone too far.
04.02.2015 – Fair-Fish Petition on shrimps
28.01.2015 – France takes steps to protect elephants
Last week, 37 NGOs, including the Fondation Franz Weber, sent a letter to the French Ministry of Ecology demanding immediate measures be taken to curb the ivory trade and its catastrophic consequences
26.01.2015 – Capacity building for the forest rangers of Fazao-Malfakassa National Park
Sokodé, Togo, January 26th-28th, 2015: Fondation Franz Weber, manager of Fazao-Malfakassa National Park, organizes a training workshop for the forest rangers of the Park, with the aim to streng
27.01.2015 – Anti-poaching actions and seizures
Assessment of the seizures in Fazao-Malfakassa National Park (March-December 2014)
26.01.2015 – Fazao-Malfakassa National Park is now online!
22.01.2015 – Ivory: a glimmer of hope in France
22.12.2014 – Argentina grants habeas corpus, the right to freedom, to an orang-utan
Argentinian Justice recently declared an orang-utan living in captivity in the Buenos Aires zoo a « non-human person », acknowledging her right to freedom. Fondation Franz Weber
05.12.2014 – Rapid Response Facility: FFW supports UNESCO's emergency program
Since 2013, Fondation Franz Weber supports the Rapid Response Facility (RRF), a program created by the World Heritage Centre of UNESCO and Fauna & Flora International (FFI), which allows rapid act
24.11.2014 – The National Council declares an embargo on seal products!
A wonderful day for the protection of seals! The National Council of Switzerland decided today to prohibit all seal products import and trade!
20.11.2014 – More exceptions to the Second Homes Initiative
After the Federal Council and the Council of States, the Environment Commission of the National Council softens the Second Homes Law project even more. The Commission’s discussions are not over.
17.11.2014 – Constitutional Law Specialists are called to the Swiss Parliament
13.11.2014 – Fondation Franz Weber protests against killings of swans
07.11.2014 – We are waiting for the freed horses of San Juan!
News from Argentina: In our Sanctuary EQUIDAD, Fondation Franz Weber will soon welcome the waste collecting horses of San Juan, who will be replaced by motorised vehicles.
14.10.2014 – Barcelona receives the Fondation Franz Weber Award for Animal protection public policies
26.09.2014 – Second Homes Law - The Swiss Senate approves a manual to circumvent the Constitution
The Swiss Council of States examined yesterday the project of Law on Second Homes, supposedly meant to implement the Second Homes initiatives accepted by the Swiss people on March 11th, 2012. A "
22.09.2014 – Fondation Franz Weber - Vera Weber officially becomes President.
For over 50 years, Franz Weber has fought to protect animals, nature and the environment. At 87, he is stepping down as President of the Fondation he created almost 40 years ago. His daughter Vera Web
16.09.2014 – Press release Fondation Franz Weber
Good news! On September 16th, 2014, the Swiss Council of States accepted a Motion introduced by the National Counselor Oskar Freysinger, following a Petition from Fondation Franz Weber, aiming to d
22.08.2014 – Switzerland: The Council of States wants to protect seals!
The Science Commission of the Swiss Concil of States (Parliament) positioned itself in favour of a motion submitted by Oskar Freysinger in collaboration with Fondation Franz Weber, requesting that sea
19.08.2014 – 100'000 African elephants killed in three years!
A new study by George Wittemyer of the Colorado State University - the first reliable study on elephant killings on the entire African Continent - shows alarming poaching rates.    
15.08.2014 – Helvetia Nostra: Second homes initiative
On August 14th and 15th 2014, the Environment Commission of the Council of States addressed the issue of the Second Homes implementation law. The Commission voted in favour of the law drafted by the F