04.02.2016 – UN: Children in France and Peru must also be protected from the violence of bullfighting

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child urges two additional countries that conduct bullfighting activities to protect their children from the violence of bullfights. France and Peru are asked to change their legislation accordingly.

France and Peru have been called upon by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child to change their legislation so that children no longer witness and attend bullfights. It does so on the basis of thematic reports by Fondation Franz Weber (FFW).

During its session in Geneva on January 13 and 14, 2016 the Committee interrogated Peru and France regarding their fulfilment of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and once again discussed the impact of bullfights on children.

The Committee already exhorted Portugal in 2014, Mexico and Colombia in 2015 to keep children away from bullfighting events. The Committee considers that children should not be exposed to such violence, and that countries have the responsibility to take concrete and legislative measures to protect them from bullfighting in order to fulfil the Convention’s obligations.

The explanation provided by the French and Peruvian government’s delegations did not convince the Committee. Therefore, the final observations on both countries’ reports include a specific request: to prohibit the participation and attendance of children at bullfights and bullfighting events.

Today’s published UN concluding observations state the following recommendation for Peru:
“Prohibit the participation of children in bullfighting training and associated performances as a worst form of child labour, ensure the protection of child spectators and raise awareness of the physical and mental violence associated with bullfighting and its impact on children.”

With this stance, the UN strengthens its position against bullfighting, and the violation of Children Rights that this terrible tradition represents. As of today, five out of the eight bullfighting countries have already been examined by the Committee and all of them have been urged to protect children against the “violence of bullfighting”. 

“Our research in these countries was methodical and extensive. Once more we were able to prove that bullfights are not only torture for animals but also for us as society: Violence is an evil that needs to be fought,” says Vera Weber, President of FFW.

The recommendations will be published soon here.