05.06.2015 – Bullfighting at its lowest!

For "aficionados", supporters of bullfighting, summer will be tough. Despite pressure from the National Observatory of Bullfighting Cultures of France and from the Bullfighting Cities' Union, the French Ministry for Culture has withdrawn all mention of Bullfighting of its website. Fondation Franz Weber and the French NGO Robin des Bois, and later CRAC (Comité Radicalement Anti-Corrida), had filed a judiciary complaint in Fall 2011. Thanks to this action, the courts recently decided, in name of the French people, that bullfighting should not be part of the Inventory of Immaterial Cultural Heritage of France any longer.

All animal rights advocates can rejoice. This decision does not yet mean the abolition of bullfighting in France, but it is a great achievement. Robin des Bois and Fondation Franz Weber will remain watchfull to prevent any attempt to reintroduce this type of animal torture in the French Immaterial Cultural Heritage Inventory.