12.02.2015 – Training for the women of Fazao and Malfakassa: plastic recycling

Fondation Franz Weber continues her activities in the Fazao-Malfakassa National Park: apart from its anti-poaching actions, the creation of new infrastructures and the promotion of a sustainable tourism, the foundation values the importance of associating the village communities to the Park management, and strives for their economical and social development.

With this in view, FFW recently organized and funded a training course in plastic recycling for the women of the Fazao and Malfakassa villages. Valérie RUGE, Valérie PERRET and Sabine HOUNSOU of the NGO Bénin Enfance Environnement (BEE), based in Possotomé in Benin, gave the training courses during 12 days at the beginning of February 2015. The village women learned collecting, sorting and cleaning techniques, as well as using crochet needles on the plastic to make handcrafts  such as bags, wallets, pillows and rugs, meant to be sold in Europe.

This new craft not only represents a new source of revenue for the women and an improvement of their livelihoods, but will also contribute to cleaning up the environment.