14.10.2014 – Barcelona receives the Fondation Franz Weber Award for Animal protection public policies

During a formal ceremony presided by Barcelona’s Mayor, Xavier Trías, taking place on October 14th, 2014, in the « Room of One Hundred », professors, elected representatives, members of professional schools, activists, as well as the Swiss Consul, gathered to witness the award of a well deserved Prize to the city of Barcelona : the Fondation Franz Weber 2014 Award for Animal protection public policies.

“It is a great honour for Barcelona that an organization as prestigious as Fondation Franz Weber should acknowledge so many years of hard work in favour of a good application of public policies regarding animal protection […]. In Barcelona, animals are citizens in their own rights, and this makes us proud” said the Mayor of this wonderful city that Vera Weber, President of FFW, describes as “an effervescent and enthralling place where society’s moral progress is expressed by its animal protection policy”.

In her moving speech, the President of Fondation Franz Weber explained that this Award aims to “acknowledge, motivate and inspire: acknowledge the work that has been done, motivate to continue the actions remaining and inspire other cities to face their shortcomings”.

Fondation Franz Weber highlighted in particular the actions taken by the authorities of Barcelona to promote a responsible cohabitation and respect towards animals, the creation of vegetarian guidebooks in various languages, the promoting of cats and dogs adoptions and the creating of an Office for animal protection and a Cohabitation with Animals Council of Barcelona. Other internationally pioneer private initiatives were also applauded.