14.11.2017 – Barcelona City Council: please approve the citizen's Initiative ZOOXXI

Zoos should not exist, but closing them down is not contemplated as an option in most cases. This is due to their belonging to powerful international organizations that promote breeding and exchange of animals.

The citizens in Barcelona showed their will to change the local zoo by supporting ZOOXXI through a citizen's initiative. The signature collection process is over and now the first steps of the process are beginning in the City Council.

With this campaign we want to convert an institution, heavily criticized because of its obsolete and mercantilist views, into a space for shelter, attention and assistance for animals that are today devoid of them. For injured, abandoned and confiscated animals. A zoo able to protect habitats and favor change and implementation of urgent and necessary environmental policies. A zoo that has enough professionals, knowledge and infrastructure to become a space for social, animal and environmental service.