20.04.2015 – Program X:enius (ARTE) on animal suffering

Do animals suffer? Do they have feelings? X:enius, a program on ARTE, looks into these questions.

Monica Biondo, marine biologist of Fondation Franz Weber, was interviewed by ARTE on the possibility that fish are able to feel pain. She confirms that these animals, like others, really do suffer. The aquarium industry is particularly cruel to these animals, for our sole entertainment. 

See the entire program (in French) on the right (Video).

For Fondation Franz Weber (FFW) aquariums, bad for the environment and for the animals they exhibit, belong to the past. It is now time for a sustainable and ethical alternative: Vision NEMO, a virtual and interactive aquarium. 

Video (Les animaux ressentent ils la douleur Part 1)
Video (Les animaux ressentent ils la douleur Part 2)