20.11.2014 – More exceptions to the Second Homes Initiative

After the Federal Council and the Council of States, the Environment Commission of the National Council softens the Second Homes Law project even more. The Commission’s discussions are not over. However, the first decisions clearly show the direction the Parliament will take with this law.

Touristic accommodation – ok, however…

New touristic accommodation can be built, even in towns where the percentage of secondary homes exceeds 20%. This has already been decided. However, this exception does not satisfy the Commission: it now wants the touristic accommodation to be counted as main homes. For the counts to be fair, this type of accommodation should not be seen as secondary or main homes, but as an entirely new category. Only then can the percentage of secondary homes be fairly defined.

Disadvantages for the affected regions

Contrary to what the Council of States has decided, the Commission wishes for existing hotels to be possibly converted into secondary homes. This transformation of hotel “warm” beds into secondary homes “cold” beds clearly violates the constitutional provision on secondary homes, harms tourism and prevents the creation of added value in the affected regions.

Mountain regions will fall by the wayside

The Federal Council and the Parliament are abandoning the mountain regions populations, even though the Federal Council reached a clear conclusion in one of its reports on tourism: the Second Homes Initiative can have very positive effects on Swiss tourism!

Irresponsible policies

The Second Homes Initiatives is in fact even more laden with exceptions. The beautiful mountain regions of Switzerland and their future development are once again sacrificed on the altar of short-term profit. Fondation Franz Weber refuses to let the people’s will be forgotten: Stop the invasive construction of secondary homes!