22.08.2014 – Switzerland: The Council of States wants to protect seals!

The Science Commission of the Swiss Concil of States (Parliament) positioned itself in favour of a motion submitted by Oskar Freysinger in collaboration with Fondation Franz Weber, requesting that seal products be banned from entering Switzerland.

In May 2012, the National Council (Lower House of Swiss Parliament) had accepted said motion. Today, Switzerland could align its legislation on the EU's ban against seal products, in place since 2010.

FFW had followed closely proceedings introduced by Canada against the EU in front of the WTO regarding the EU's recent ban on seal productions. Thankfully, the WTO declared the EU's law justified by moral considerations of the public. Switzerland is now free to follow the example set by the EU!

A great leap forward for the protection of baby seals and a definitive end to seal hunt!

More infos on parliamentary discussions here.

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