22.09.2014 – Fondation Franz Weber - Vera Weber officially becomes President.

For over 50 years, Franz Weber has fought to protect animals, nature and the environment. At 87, he is stepping down as President of the Fondation he created almost 40 years ago. His daughter Vera Weber (39), who has managed the activities of the Fondation Franz Weber for several years, today officially becomes President.

After more than 50 years of untiring dedication to nature, the preservation of the environment and the protection of animals, the renowned ecologist is stepping down from his role to become the Honorary President of the Fondation. His actions will go down in history: the protection of the lake region in Haute Engadin, the safeguarding of the legendary Lavaux vineyards, the enchanting Simmental, the gardens of Lausanne Ouchy; his campaign for baby seals in Canada with Brigitte Bardot, his work for elephants and Australian wild horses, his victorious battles to save Delphi, Les Baux-de-Provence, the Danube floodplain forest, the Grandhotel Giessbach etc. With his charisma, his unfailing commitment and endless energy, he has always known how to upset the status quo.   He introduced the concept of ecology, at a time when even the idea of it seemed a fantasy.  For this, and on behalf of all the people and animals he has helped, we thank him.

 For around 15 years, Vera Weber has been committed, body and soul, to the Fondation's activities. In accordance with her father's wishes, the Fondation council officially elected her President of the FFW. She had already taken on a large part of the management several years ago. "Not all entrepreneurs are lucky enough to find their ideal successor within their own family.  My life's work couldn't be in better hands!" confirms Franz Weber. 

Under the guidance of Vera Weber, the Second Homes Initiative was a victory.  The fight to abolish bullfighting has taken on a new dimension. Following an FFW report on Portugal, the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child recommended distancing children from the bullfighting industry. With a professional and effective team, she is successfully working to save mistreated refuse collection horses in Latin America and to stop the poaching of African elephants.  She is continuing the fight against the cruel practice of seal hunting, and promoting cutting-edge alternatives to halt the creation of ecological aberrations like giant aquariums.  She also represents the Fondation Franz Weber before international authorities like UNESCO, the UN and CITES, defending the natural world and animals. 

The continuity and sustainability of the Fondation Franz Weber's actions are thus assured.