26.09.2014 – Second Homes Law - The Swiss Senate approves a manual to circumvent the Constitution

The Swiss Council of States examined yesterday the project of Law on Second Homes, supposedly meant to implement the Second Homes initiatives accepted by the Swiss people on March 11th, 2012. A "Swiss Cheese Law", in which the Senate punched more holes than set efficient rules...


The Council of States increased the number of exceptions to the restriction of possibilities to build Second Homes, already numerous in the pre-project of the Federal Council (Government). In particular, new Second Homes will be freely authorized if they are offered on a "commercial platform". No condition or mean of control are necessary, therefore increasing significantly the risks of misuse of this exception.

The situation is widely unsatisfactory, and will need to be rectified by the National Council.

Below, Vera Weber - FFW's new President - reacts on the Senate's decision: