27.12.2016 – Milestone! Law to convert Mendoza Zoo approved

With 20 to 15 votes the Senate of the Argentinian province Mendoza has approved a law to convert the zoo of Mendoza into an Eco-Park.

This landmark agreement of cooperation with ZOOXXI clears the path to move the 4 elephants that are still held at Mendoza zoo, to an Elephant Sanctuary in Brazil.

Moreover, Mendoza Zoo will convert from a traditional zoo into an Eco-Park with a completely different philosophy and approach. In mid-2017 it will be the first ZOOXXI facility to open its doors.

According to the campaign ZOOXXI by Fondation Franz Weber (FFW) it is imperative that we move away from the 19th century mindset of “using” animals to finding «a use» for zoos.

Modern zoos must undergo radical change in order to serve a use for animal welfare in the future. In the long term, zoos will only house injured, confiscated or mistreated wild animals, as well as local species that are included in protection and reintroduction programmes.

Group picture in Mendoza Senate (from left): Leonardo Anselmi (ZOOXXI), Humberto Mingorance (Environmental Secretary of Mendoza), Alejandra García (Fundación Franz Weber), two activists of «Ecologistas Unidos» and Omar Sorroche (vice depute for draft law).

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