Protection of Nature and Heritage

Surlej - Switzerland
In 1965, a group of entrepreneurs wanted to transform Surlej, a hamlet of only 30 residents situated in the Upper Engadin lakes, into a town of 25,000 inhabitants.
Danube Floodplains - Austria
Alpilles - France
Vendlincourt - Switzerland
Near the border separating the Canton of Jura from France, in the heart of the typical Jura countryside, there is an idyllic village named Vendlincourt. Surrounded by orchards, meadows and fields, the
Simmental - Switzerland
Lausanne-Ouchy - Switzerland
For the British writer, W. Somerset Maugham, Ouchy was charm and beauty incarnate, the most beautiful place on Earth. But for the technocrats of Vaud, Ouchy was the preferred site for a motorway slip
Asolo - Italy
In 1972, the small town of Asolo, a preserved Renaissance marvel situated 60 km northeast of Venice, was to be handed over to property developers following a decision taken by the regional authority.
Champ-du-Moulin Station – Switzerland
"Help us! Swiss Federal Railways wants to destroy our hundred-year-old station!" In January 2005, Eric Robert, Mayor of the small municipality of Brot-Dessous in the Canton of Neuch&aci
Giessbach - Switzerland
The historic Grandhotel Giessbach was built in 1873/74 by French architect Horace Edouard Davinet for the Hauser family in Zurich, one of the great dynasties of the hotel trade. The spacious elegance
Delphi - Greece
Franz Weber saved Delphi in Greece twice from massive industrialisation projects planned close to the greatest sacred site in antiquity by successfully launching large-scale international campaigns.