Champ-du-Moulin Station – Switzerland

"Help us! Swiss Federal Railways wants to destroy our hundred-year-old station!" In January 2005, Eric Robert, Mayor of the small municipality of Brot-Dessous in the Canton of Neuchâtel, sent this message to Franz Weber.

Impressed by the determination shown by the whole population, and disgusted by the arrogance of certain powerful, uncultivated parties who were attempting to bring to heel a small community whose only wish was to preserve their beloved region, Franz Weber called on the Swiss general public by organising a large-scale protest on 9 February 2005, to which he invited the population of Brot-Dessous and the Swiss press to witness the event. This was followed by an eloquent press conference held in the neighbouring Maison de la Nature, a former residence of Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

The event struck a chord, as reported on television, radio and in the press of the time. The CFF (Swiss Federal Railways) abandoned their plans to demolish the historic, beloved station, and declared themselves prepared to favourably consider all proposals to conserve the station. These included turning it into a small regional museum, or installing a giant music box with the cooperation of experienced craftsmen in neighbouring Sainte-Croix in the Jura.