Lausanne-Ouchy - Switzerland

For the British writer, W. Somerset Maugham, Ouchy was charm and beauty incarnate, the most beautiful place on Earth. But for the technocrats of Vaud, Ouchy was the preferred site for a motorway slip road, named the "Perraudettaz slip road". Happily for Lausanne, the contested slip road (just like the Simmental motorway) was one of the motorway sections under review.

In order to prove to the federal authorities involved that no resident of Vaud could reasonably be in favour of the premeditated destruction of Ouchy, Franz Weber implemented a political masterpiece. First, he launched a regional initiative giving the people the right of cantonal initiative in federal matters. Then, after the Parliamentary Commission charged with re-evaluating the sections gave the go-ahead, disregarding all reason, to the construction of the slip road, he launched a regional initiative for Vaud to the Federal Houses, using the new citizens' rights. He won the referendum. It was therefore up to Bern to decide. And the impossible became possible: Bern removed the Perraudettaz slip road from the national motorway network. It was a comprehensive victory. The motorway came to a final end at the edge of Lausanne, in a field.