Vendlincourt - Switzerland

Near the border separating the Canton of Jura from France, in the heart of the typical Jura countryside, there is an idyllic village named Vendlincourt. Surrounded by orchards, meadows and fields, the village and its unspoilt environment form a perfect tourist destination and an ideal site for natural growth. Unfortunately, however, a developer had plans to take over this oasis.

Encouraged and supported by local and regional authorities, he hoped to construct a race track just next to the village, concreting over 15 hectares of the best agricultural land. If this unthinkable project became reality, it would be one of the irreparable catastrophes that Franz Weber's "Stop the boundless building work attacking the countryside and the environment" initiative, submitted on 18 December 2007, aimed to prevent.

Thankfully, in March 2011, the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland issued a judgement refusing the special use plans required for the race track in question. The Supreme Court's rejection of this project, opposed by countless local residents, is a step forward for the protection of the environment, biodiversity and the country's resources, and constitutes a victory over the purely mercenary interests of developers.