Gravel Pits and Quarries

Helvetia Nostra, supported by the FFW, monitors gravel pit, quarry and dump projects in the Swiss canton Vaud to ensure that they comply with environmental, animal and countryside protection measures.

Helveta Nostra has initiated various legal proceedings. More importantly, it held intensive dialogue with the businesses and authorities concerned to obtain the required guarantees in terms of preservation, rehabilitation of land and environmental compensation to counterbalance the damage these projects cause.  

In Arvel, in the canton of Vaud, Helvetia Nostra's work led in 2014 to signing an agreement with the business concerned and the Department of Territory and Environment where limited extraction of a quarry was decided. Furthermore, it was agreed to refill the quarry within 3 to 5 years after extraction and overall restoration of the site - after more than a century of activities which had scarred the countryside.

Helvetia Nostra is also part of working groups on different gravel pit and quarry projects in Vaud, and takes a stance on the cantonal administrative decisions and laws concerning gravel pits and quarries.