Vision NEMO

Vision NEMO is the first virtual, multimedia and interactive gate to the ocean. It is a concept that allows the observation of marine animals for research purposes, without needing their physical presence in an aquarium.

Thanks to the most modern technologies, Vision NEMO shows the underwater world as it actually is: both its beauty and problems. Vision NEMO creates a unique link between the public, researchers, science and the conservation of animals, species and the environment.

From magnificent tropical coral reefs to mysterious polar seas, and from the deepest ocean abyss to the mangroves of the Asian coast, Vision NEMO opens up a whole new world of underwater possibilities. A profound journey for the senses through interactive 3D realms made up of images and sounds. Dive into a colourful coral world - with absolutely no danger to you, the marine animals or the coral reef. Swim with a school of dolphins, study the hunting habits of humpback whales interactively. Discover new lifeforms in the hidden depths of the ocean. Vision NEMO makes these dreams a reality.

Vision NEMO is much more than a revolutionary theme park. It has the potential to become a leading centre for teaching, learning and research. Using live webcams, you can visit real research stations with your children or students, observing marine conservationists as they work. Remote controlled cameras allow you to see marine animals in their natural habitat - wherever they are in the world.

On 27 May 2014, Fondation Franz Weber unveiled the Vision NEMO concept in Basel. Its aim is to offer a sustainable, animal and environmentally-friendly alternative to public aquariums across the world. Specifically, Vision NEMO is proposed as an innovative alternative to the "Ozeanium" - a traditional aquarium planned by the Basel Zoo.

On 27 August 2015, Fondation Franz Weber held a public event at the Unternehmen Mitte in Basel. Short presentations on the question "Do large aquaria still have a future?" clearly showed that the "Ozeanium" would be a step backward for Basel. Monica Biondo, marine biologist and expert on coral fish, Prof. Markus Wild, philosopher and animal ethicist, as well as Peter Lehmann, expert on sustainable education, presented their viewpoints. In addition, Tony Christopher, CEO and founder of Landmark Entertainment from Pasadena, California, talked about the technical feasibility and possibilities of Vision NEMO.

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