24.07.2015 – Catalonia prohibits the use of animals in circuses!

The Parliament of Catalonia, Spain, has adopted a Law prohibiting the use of animals in circuses within its territory. Working with the organization LIBERA!, Fondation Franz Weber has decisively contributed to the adoption of said Law. Switzerland must now adapt to this new tendency.

“It is a great achievement from Catalonia’s part, a Spanish Province that already has a very advanced and comprehensive legislation regarding animal protection”, says Leonardo Anselmi. The Director of Fondation Franz Weber for South Europe and Latin America worked hard to see the campaign succeed, and have the use of animals banned from circuses in Catalonia.

Working with the Catalan organization LIBERA !, Fondation Franz Weber launched its campaign « Catalunya Lliure d’Animals en Circs » (CLAC, « Catalonia free from animals in circuses »), and decisively contributed to the adoption of the new Law. On July 22nd, 2015, Parliament a voted for the Law with a majority of 79%.

The Law will come into force within a 2-year deadline, and will be applied to all wild animals. Domestic animals will in principle be excluded from the field of application. However, a Scientific Committee will evaluate the suffering endured by animals in circuses active within Catalonia during the 2-year moratorium. If the Committee were to reach the conclusion that domestic animals also suffer when used in circuses, Parliament may well decide to include them in the legal prohibition.

Catalonia is once more a pioneer and takes the lead in animal protection. Vera Weber, President of Fondation Franz Weber, rejoices: “This victory shows once more that our campaigns based on a cooperative model, and not confrontation, work! We will also start similar discussions in Switzerland and all over the world!”.