Team Switzerland

FFW's headquarters are in Bern, Switzerland where part of the team actively works on various campaigns.

Vera Weber
President and CEO Fondation Franz Weber

Vera Weber started her work for Fondation Franz Weber in 1999. Initially involved in coordinating campaigns, she became Campaign Manager and later Vice President. Vera has served as President and CEO of the foundation since September 2014.

Vera's intensive lobbying, work in communications, public relations and event management reflect her ceaseless commitment to protecting animals and biodiversity, the environment and landscapes. Since February 2000 she has represented FFW at the endangered species convention CITES, as well as at UNESCO and the UN. The campaign for the Second Homes Initiative, which she lead and managed, is her greatest victory to date: The initiative was approved by Swiss voters on 11 March 2012.

She holds a federal diploma in hotel management and completed training in journalism.

Languages: French, German, English, Spanish

Judith Weber
Chief editor of the quarterly magazine Journal Franz Weber and the gray eminence of Fondation Franz Weber

Monica Biondo
Marine Biologist

Master degree in biology, higher education teacher

Monica Biondo has worked for Fondation Franz Weber as a biologist since 2012.

For a long time, her work has focused on the protection of nature, particularly animals.

In 2006, Monica Biondo launched a campaign to protect rays and sharks used to produce leather for the luxury and watch-making industries ( Furthermore, since 2010, she has led a campaign to protect coral reef fish, hunted for the aquarium industry ( and

In 2013, Monica Biondo received the environmental award “Trophée de femmes” (3rd place) from the Fondation Yves Rocher for her commitment to protecting fish, sharks and rays.

Languages: German, French, English, Spanish, Italian

Nathanaël Schaller
Environmental Engineer, Project Coordinator animals and environment