Team Spain - Portugal - Latin America

FFW's team in Spain, Portugal and Latin America focuses on the fight against bullfighting and the exploitation of waste-collection horses, but also against all forms of cruelty towards animals.

Leonardo Anselmi
Director Southern Europe and Latin America

Specialist in strategic marketing. Animal rights activist recognised at an international level.

Since he was very young, Leonardo Anselmi has rescued abandoned animals and protested against their mistreatment by humans.

"We (...) exploit (animals), mistreat them, make them suffer, test our products on them, wear their fur and eat them, when they are living creatures with the same ability to suffer as we have. They don't speak, but does that really justify treating them so badly?".

Language: Spanish

Alejandra García
Press and Communications Officer for Spain and Argentina, Coordinator of the "Basta de TaS" campaign in Latin America

Degree in Investigative Journalism

Alejandra García has been a fervent supporter of animal rights for almost 25 years. Through investigations and the coordination of various campaigns, she fights against the mistreatment of animals, in particular the bullfighting industry, zoos and animal circuses. She was Press and Communications Officer for the platform "Prou" and their initiative which led to the abolition of bullfighting in Catalonia in 2010. She is currently coordinating the campaign "Basta de TaS" in Argentina, managing the Equidad Sanctuary and participating in the development of the eZOO concept. She is also responsible for local animal protection projects as FFW Press and Communications Officer.

Language: Spanish

Anna Mulà
Lawyer and Legal Expert for Spain and Latin America

Anna Mulà is a specialist in environmental and animal law. She holds a law degree from University CEU, Barcelona (1995) and a Master’s degree in CITES. She is a board member of the Animal Law commission of the Barcelona Bar Association. Anna was legal adviser to the Commission promoting the popular initiative to Abolish Bullfighting in Catalonia and coordinates the actions to promote the statements of the UN (Committee of the Rights of the Child) to keep children away from violence of bullfighting. She participates as a speaker in different parliaments and teaches “Animal and Law” at several Universities and bar associations.

Languages: Spanish, English

Rosi Carro
Assistant to the Director

Born in Barcelona, Rosario graduated in Physics from the University of Barcelona, holds a Master's degree in Animal Law from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a post-graduate degree in Anthrozoology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She coordinates various campaigns for Fondation Franz Weber and is Assistant to the Director coordinating logistical, administrative and political matters. 

Claudia Roca Martínez
Communications Director, Hispanic region

Claudia graduated in Audiovisual Communications and holds a master's degree in Corporate Communications. From Barcelona, she coordinates the communication of the Foundation Franz Weber campaigns for Southern Europe and Latin America. Her personal and professional life revolves around the protection of animals – human and non-human.

Rubén Pérez
Campaign Manager, Galicia

Rubén Pérez is the Fondation Franz Weber's campaign manager and communications officer in Galicia. Committed to the fight against bullfighting and the protection of animals in general for several years, Rubén Pérez is also the spokesman for the "Galicia Mellor Sen Touradas" (Galicia better without bullfights) campaign.

Sérgio Caetano
FFW representative in Portugal, Journalist

In his work, he manages the Fondation's different campaigns, is responsible for communication and public relations, develops campaign strategies, gathers and published information on animal protection in Portugal and lobbies the relevant authorities.

Natalia Parra Osorio
FFW representative in Colombia 

Natalia is a public administrator by profession, with great charisma and profound knowledge of politics and administration. She is Technical Secretary of Bancada Animalista (Animal Welfare Commission) in the Congress of Colombia and TV host of the programme Defenzoores (broadcast on Pública de Bogotá). She is also Coordinator General and founder of the ALTO platform (Animales Libres de Tortura - Animals Free of Torture) which bands together Colombian associations, campaigners, elected political officials, and celebrities in pursuit of animal rights. 

Gustavo Lozano
FFW representative in Mexico, Lawyer

Gustavo is a lawyer and dedicates his work to social and political activism. At the centre of his concerns are the protection of common natural heritage and human rights.

Since 2011, he supports communities in their fight against giant construction project such as dams and mines. He is currently writing a PhD Thesis in Political sciences at the Barcelona University. He is particularly interested in political ecology and environmental conflicts. He also teaches social analysis at the Ibero-American University of León.

Gustavo represents FFW in Mexico as part of the anti-bullfighting campaign.

Mateo Córdoba Cárdenas
Sociologist and researcher for environmental peace, Colombia  

Mateo Córdoba Cárdenas completed his studies in sociology at the National University of Colombia in Bogotá. He's a researcher for environmental peace at Fondation Franz Weber in Colombia.

Virginia Portilla Cabrera
Director of the research institute 'Studies about the relationship between animals and humans' (ERAH), Ecuador

Virginia has a degree in psychology from the University of Guayaquil, Ecuador. She heads the research institute 'Studies about the relationship between animals and humans' (ERAH) in Guayaquil. She is also a member of the board of coordinators for the prevention of abuse (CoPPA) and the Foundation Franz Weber representative in Ecuador. Virginia focuses on coordinating the scientific studies of the social science department of University Laica Vicente Rocafuerte, on the relationship between animals and humans.

Carolina Leiva
FFW representative in Chile, lawyer

Carolina Cecilia Leiva Ilabaca is a lawyer and representative for Chile Fondation Franz Weber in Santiago, Chile.

José Jerico Fiestas Flores
FFW representative in Peru

Jerico is a Peruvian researcher in eco-business and human-animal science. He’s the Foundation Franz Weber representative in Peru, where he is setting up an office for the research institute 'Studies about the relationship between animals and humans' (ERAH). He also works on the decrease of illegal wildlife trafficking.