Argentina Team

In Argentina, FFW's team fights against the exploitation of waste collection horses and manages the Sanctuary Equidad for horses and other abused animals.

Leonardo Anselmi
Director Southern Europe and Latin America

Specialist in strategic marketing. Animal rights activist recognised at an international level.

Since he was very young, Leonardo Anselmi has rescued abandoned animals and protested against their mistreatment by humans.

"We (...) exploit (animals), mistreat them, make them suffer, test our products on them, wear their fur and eat them, when they are living creatures with the same ability to suffer as we have. They don't speak, but does that really justify treating them so badly?".

Language: Spanish

Alejandra García
Press and Communications Officer for Spain and Argentina, Coordinator of the "Basta de TaS" campaign in Latin America

Degree in Investigative Journalism

Alejandra Garcia has been a fervent supporter of animal rights for almost 25 years. Through investigations and the coordination of various campaigns, she fights against the mistreatment of animals, in particular the bullfighting industry, zoos and animal circuses. She was Press and Communications Officer for the Platform "Prou" and their initiative which led to the abolition of bullfighting in Catalonia in 2010. She is currently coordinating the campaign "Basta de TaS" in Argentina, managing the Equidad Sanctuary and participating in the development of the eZOO concept. She is also responsible for local animal protection projects as FFW Press and Communications Officer.

Language: Spanish

Leandro Daniel Fruitos
Programme Coodinator for the campaign «No More Horses for Waste Collection (Basta de TaS)», and the international network AcerTaS!, Argentina

Leandro holds a master’s degree in management of civil society organizations and is a trainer for public and social management leaders. He’s currently studying Political Science and Public Administration at the National University of Cuyo. Leandro is a young political activist involved in the defense of animal rights since the age of 16. He currently serves as Latin coordinator of the international network AcerTaS!, which is sponsored by the Foundation Franz Weber.He is an adviser in public policy management for the Municipality of Godoy Cruz (Mendoza, Argentina) and for the Ministry of Production of the Argentina.

Santiago Zapata
Team leader for health and care, veterinarian assistant and horse podiatrist, Sanctuary EQUIDAD, Argentina

Santiago was born in the capital of Córdoba, Argentina, and has been working as an independent for many years to save abused horses. He is a certified horse podiatrist and specializes in correction horseshoes and horseshoe-free horses.

Oriol Brestovitzky
Assistant of the health team and horse carer, Sanctuary EQUIDAD, Argentina  

Oriol volunteered in various animal shelters in Barcelona. He is currently living at the sanctuary EQUIDAD where he takes care of the horses and ensures that they are doing well. He is also responsible for the maintenance of the facilities.

Martín Vizcarra
Assistant of the health team and horse carer, Sanctuary EQUIDAD

Martín was born in the city of Rosario, Argentina. With his deep knowledge of permaculture and ecological cultivation, he manages the ecological orchard and the construction of facilities for the animals at the sanctuary EQUIDAD.