Vera Weber, President

"It's part of my very being. I've always had it in me, this love for animals. I feel their pain in my soul. Injustice disgusts me, whether it is towards people, children, nature or our natural heritage. We are all the same." - Vera Weber

Born in 1974, Vera Weber was, from a very young age, confronted by the dangers threatening the environment and made aware of the need to protect nature and animals. The actions and commitment of her parents, Franz and Judith Weber, gave her the determination to fight injustice and a desire to stop the suffering of animals.

After studying hospitality in Lucerne, followed by journalism, Vera Weber started working for the Fondation Franz Weber in 1999 as Campaign Manager, became latre Head of Campaigns and Vice-President. Today, she is the official President of the foundation.

Through her activities, which include intensive lobbying, communication, public relations and the organisation of conferences and events, Vera Weber is actively committed to protecting animals, living creatures, the environment and the countryside every day.  She often travels to project sites to ensure the values that are dear to her heart are being promoted effectively on the ground. Since February 2000, she represents FFW at CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora,, UNESCO and the UN. To date, the campaign for the second home initiative, which she coordinated and managed, is her greatest victory: The Swiss people voted in favour of the initiative on 11 March 2012. She also obtained a compromise from the conservative parties when the Swiss Law on Secondary Homes was adopted in March 2015.

Modern, active, polyglot (French, German, English and Spanish), motivated and looking to the future, Vera Weber is ensuring the future success of the Franz Weber Fondation and is ready to face the challenges of the 21st century.