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Vera Weber Vera Weber

Vera Weber

President and CEO Fondation Franz Weber
Leonardo Anselmi Leonardo Anselmi

Leonardo Anselmi

Director Fondation Franz Weber for southern Europe and Latin America

“At Fondation Franz Weber, I feel like the architect of a new world – a world that hasn’t yet been born, but exists in our hearts and minds: a world without violence, with civilised and progressive people who protect the planet and dedicate themselves to the well-being of their fellow humans and other animals.”

I coordinate a team of 22 people across nine countries, and work with organisations, the media and governments all over the globe. In addition, I am the coordinator of the concept ZOOXXI.

Languages: Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Italian

Monika Wasenegger Monika Wasenegger

Monika Wasenegger

Executive Board Member

“Taking care of all living beings in the world is the best way to take care of oneself.”
Dalai Lama

Knowledge and reason alone don’t make you a good person; you also need what’s in your heart.

Animals “know” things in their hearts, and when we interact with them, they shape the knowledge we hold in our hearts with their stories. They teach us how we all – animals, nature and people – can live together on this planet.
Similarly, Nature and its laws allow us to know things, and above all to understand – they are our most important teachers.

At Fondation Franz Weber, I do my part to preserve the basis of our existence, and I do my utmost –through targeted campaigns, organisational development and fundraising – to help create a world worth living in for all living beings.

Languages: German, English, French, Spanish (basics)

Anna Zangger Anna Zangger

Anna Zangger

Lawyer, Campaign leader International

“Preserving the wilderness, protecting its flora and fauna and reviving the natural habitats of our planet – this means relearning to coexist with Nature, without dominating it. We need a philosophical and moral revolution.”

Trained as a lawyer, specialising in environmental and spatial planning law, I am campaign leader International at Fondation Franz Weber and co-director of Helvetia Nostra. In addition to my legal work to preserve Switzerland’s landscapes and cultural heritage, I am also responsible for several international campaigns, including the fight against bullfighting and the protection of endangered species from international trade. I represent Fondation Franz Weber and Helvetia Nostra in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, where I come from.
As a lover of the mountains and the ocean, I imagine a future where humanity finally gives room for the surrounding natural world to thrive.

Languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Portuguese (basics)

Julia Fischer Julia Fischer

Julia Fischer

Economist M.Sc., campaign leader Switzerland

“We need to protect this planet with all its beautiful inhabitants, fascinating eco systems and breathtaking landscapes, unconditionally. There is no planet B.”

I coordinate different campaigns and communication (online / offline) within Switzerland for Fondation Franz Weber.

I hold a masters degree in business and economics, focused on environmental economics and political economics, and am happy to put this knowledge into practice for the Fondation Franz Weber – to protect, conserve and cherish our planet A.

Languages: German, French, English, Spanish (basics)

Dr. Monica V. Biondo, PhD Dr. Monica V. Biondo, PhD

Dr. Monica V. Biondo, PhD


“So long, and thanks for all the fish.” – Douglas Adams

As a zoologist and marine biologist, nature, the oceans and their inhabitants have been a lifelong passion of mine. On a personal level, it pains to see how the environment and animals suffer as a result of human action. For this reason, I work scientifically, professionally and in my personal capacity to protect nature, animals and species.

In my role at Fondation Franz Weber, I am able to devote my energy to protecting coral fish, among others. We undertake research into the trade in marine ornamental fishes and are committed to develop and support marine protected areas. Nature conservation in Switzerland and abroad are also important endeavours. For me, these ventures are a stroke of luck as they coincide with my professional and personal interests and expertise.

Languages: German, Italian, English, French, Spanish


M. V. Biondo, Quantifying the trade in marine ornamental fishes into Switzerland and an estimation of imports from the European Union, Glob. Ecol. Conserv. 11 (2017) 95–105.

M. V. Biondo, Importation of marine ornamental fishes to Switzerland, Glob. Ecol. Conserv. 15 (2018) 95–105.

S. Ndobei, I. Yasiri, A.M. Moore, M.V. Biondo, S.J. Foster, Study to assess the impact of international trade on the conservation status of Pterapogon kauderni (Banggai cardinalfish). Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species CITES, Animals Committee AC 30 (2018).

M.V. Biondo, R.P. Burki, Monitoring the trade in marine ornamental fishes through the European Trade Control and Expert System TRACES: Challenges and possibilities, Mar. Policy (2019) 108 (2019) 103620.

M.V. Biondo, The Impact to Reefs of The Trade in Marine Ornamental Fishes. REEF ENCOUNTER The News Magazine of the International Coral Reef Society. (2019) 34, 44-48.

Anne Bachmann Anne Bachmann

Anne Bachmann

Project Manager Helvetia Nostra

“We do not have two hearts, one for animals and one for humans; we either have a heart or we do not have any. ” – Alphonse de Lamartine

Every day, I put a drop of water in the ocean that represents the vital protection of the environment and animals. These really may just be drops in the face of the enormous challenges we face. And still, every day I am convinced that every drop of water contributes to the improvement and safeguarding of values, which I am totally committed to.

Languages: French, German

Nathanaël Schaller Nathanaël Schaller

Nathanaël Schaller

Programme Coordinator

At the same time amazed by the beautiful diversity of life on earth, but deeply concerned by the way in which most humans treat nature today and what they consider its resources – degrading the ecosystems bit by bit. I want to work as much as I can to preserve this diversity, so that today and tomorrow, every living being on this planet can find its place.

Languages: French, English, Spanish, German

Rebekka Gammenthaler Rebekka Gammenthaler

Rebekka Gammenthaler

Political scientist M.A., Campaigns & Communications

«Our world is our home, our only home. Where should we go when we destroy it.» Dalai Lama

I am a member of the Campaigns and Communications team in Bern.

Not a day goes by without news that highlight the enormous challenges we face in our time. I am grateful to contribute towards our shared goal of protecting natural habitats and animals, and – effectively – the future of our world, with my daily work for Fondation Franz Weber.

Languages: German, English, French

Dr. Rosalind Reeve Dr. Rosalind Reeve

Dr. Rosalind Reeve

Legal Adviser CITES and protection of the African elephant

Originally from the UK, I’m an environmental lawyer, campaigner and political strategist. My 27 years experience ranges from field investigations to wildlife trafficking in Africa and Asia to influencing international environmental policy and law through active engagement at CITES and other international conventions. I have been campaigning to protect elephants from ivory trade since 1988, when my work took me to Kenya and Tanzania, where I witnessed first hand the impacts of rampant poaching and trafficking on African elephants. I also work on climate and forest policy, and have been at the forefront of the campaign to prevent deforestation through action under the climate change convention for the last six years.

I’m the author of the book “Policing International Trade in Endangered Species: the CITES Treaty and Compliance”. I have a master’s degree in environmental law from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London and a PhD in Biochemistry from University College London.

Hedia Baccar Hedia Baccar

Hedia Baccar

Adviser Wildlife/CITES

I’m Fondation Franz Weber’s consultant with regard to the African Elephant Coalition at CITES.

As Expert in environmental protection and endangered wild species, I has extensive experience in environmental protection and international relations. In particular, I represented Tunisia in the negotiation of several environmental agreements, MEAs, and the Mediterranean Action Plan. I also led my country’s delegation at CITES.

After several years with the IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare), I joined Fondation Franz Weber in 2014; I’m working actively for the protection of African elephants.

Keith Lindsay Keith Lindsay

Keith Lindsay

Adviser Elephant Protection

I am a Canadian-British conservation biologist and environmental consultant based in Oxford, UK, with over 40 years’ professional experience, which includes: project design, management, and monitoring/evaluation in the fields of biodiversity research and conservation, community-based natural resource management, and policy/institutional analysis in Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

My life-long involvement with elephants began in 1977 with the Amboseli Elephant Research Project (AERP) in southern Kenya, and MSc and PhD research projects on feeding ecology and population demography. I have remained a Collaborating Researcher with AERP, focusing on ecosystem change, elephant ranging, and human-elephant co-existence. My professional work has included elephant-focused assignments in southern Africa (Botswana, South Africa), Central Africa (regional elephant conservation), West Africa (Mali) and East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania). Broader concerns include the trade in ivory  and live elephants under CITES (the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species) and the welfare of captive elephants in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Patricia Awori Patricia Awori

Patricia Awori

Adviser elephant protection

Born in Nairobi, I hold a B.A. degree in International Relations, with a minor in Behavioural Sciences.

I am the Director of Pan-African Wildlife Conservation Network, the Founder and Chair of the Kenya Elephant Forum and a member of the East African Wildlife Society. I had an active role in developing the African Elephant Coalition and the Kenya Elephant Forum – both highly influential advocacy groups in the campaign for the preservation of elephants.

As an expert in wildlife conservation, and in particular the protection of elephants, I advise Foundation Franz Weber in its work in favour of the African elephant.

Brigitte Boudissa Brigitte Boudissa

Brigitte Boudissa


‟It’s our experiences that shape us, but our decisions that define us!”

Coming in with a fresh take, my aim is to optimise the management, structures and processes involved in administration. I put my absolute all into making sure that both current and future projects undertaken by Fondation Franz Weber get the space that they deserve.

What makes me happy is making a difference for the next generation, in tune with the times.

Languages: German, French, Italian, English

Lisbeth Jacquemard Lisbeth Jacquemard

Lisbeth Jacquemard

Correspondence and Consultancy

“As a child, I was happiest while in the countryside with animals. Today I protect them both.”

I have been employed at Fondation Franz Weber for almost 25 years now. I am mainly responsible for managing donations in the form of legacies and bequests.

Languages: German, French

Angelica Agnant Angelica Agnant

Angelica Agnant


I’ve been part of the administration team at Fondation Franz Weber since 1997. Currently, I’m responsible to manage the archive.

Languages: German, French, English

Luana Masullo Luana Masullo

Luana Masullo


“We only have one world, and that is exactly why we need to take care of it.”

I am so grateful to be part of a foundation that fights so passionately for a world worth living in for animals, people, and nature. My work at Fondation Franz Weber involves looking after patrons and sponsors, managing donations, and other administrative tasks. I am positive that together we can make our world a better place, even if the steps we take are small sometimes!

Anna Mulà Arribas Anna Mulà Arribas

Anna Mulà Arribas


Fondation Franz Weber gave me the opportunity to grow as a lawyer in the field of animal rights, thus combining activism, advocacy, consultancy, politics, research, education and learning. After completing my master’s degree in Management and Conservation of Species in Trade, I have now spent many years working alongside Fondation Franz Weber to stand up for animal rights.

Languages: Spanish, English

Rosi Carro Rosi Carro

Rosi Carro

Campaign leader in Barcelona

Since I began working at Fondation Franz Weber, I have learned to develop a holistic vision for implementing effective safeguards for animals – involving everything from technical know-how, political processes, to spreading the word about a particular matter. ZOOXXI is one of my key topics and my biggest campaign.

Language: Spanish

Tirsa Sanchez Tirsa Sanchez

Tirsa Sanchez


“Through communication, I give a voice to those who do not have one.”

I work for Fondation Franz Weber in Barcelona in visual communication. I completed my degree in this subject at the University of Barcelona. Before becoming a permanent employee, I spent a year volunteering at the foundation.

Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, French


Ruben Perez Ruben Perez

Ruben Perez

Campaign leader and lobbyist

“Nothing else in the world… not all the armies… is so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” ‒ Victor Hugo

I believe that the time of animal rights has come. I have a range of qualifications in social work, violence prevention, political communication and managing non-profit organisations. I’m happy to be able to apply my knowledge at Fondation Franz Weber.

Languages: Galician, Spanish, English, Portuguese

Irene Torres Irene Torres

Irene Torres

Lawyer and part of the FFW legal team

“Seeing how we can prevent violence against people and animals every day through our campaigns and motions gives me great satisfaction. Being part of a committed and forward-looking team and employing our resources skilfully facilitates our work enormously.”

Languages: Spanish, English, Italian

Leandro D. Fruitos Leandro D. Fruitos

Leandro D. Fruitos

Campaign coordinator Basta de TaS!

“I believe in the power of the people to be able to fight injustice and misinformation.”

Since childhood, I have been committed to issues that move me. Fondation Franz Weber gave me the opportunity to combine my passion with my work.

Languages: Spanish, English

Alejandra García  Alejandra García 

Alejandra García 

Director Sanctuary EQUIDAD

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

I represent Fondation Franz Weber in Argentina. Based in Cordoba, I work closely with governments, universities and civil organisations. Fondation Franz Weber inspires me every day to fight for a better world.

Languages: Spanish, English

Santiago Zapata Santiago Zapata

Santiago Zapata

Animal caretaker at Sanctuary EQUIDAD

“EQUIDAD stands for freedom!”

Oriol Brestovitzky Oriol Brestovitzky

Oriol Brestovitzky

Animal caretaker at Sanctuary EQUIDAD

“Here, I can give something back to nature and animals.”

Mateo Cordoba Mateo Cordoba

Mateo Cordoba

Researcher in Colombia for peace and environmental actions

After studying politics in Colombia, I joined the Fondation Franz Weber team. I coordinate operations in Colombia, which mainly focus on efforts to secure peace and environmental protection.

Sérgio Caetano Sérgio Caetano

Sérgio Caetano

Representative of FFW in Portugal

I previously worked as a journalist for various media, but now I’m putting my skills to use at Fondation Franz Weber in Portugal. I drive our campaigns, compile research and analyses, negotiate with organisations and take care of communications in Portugal.

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English

Jerico Fiestas Flores Jerico Fiestas Flores

Jerico Fiestas Flores

Representative of Fondation Franz Weber in Peru

“I believe that we can create a world in which the suffering of animals and ecological destruction are no longer necessary ‒ based on well-founded information, scientific findings and international guidelines.”

I work intensively with governmental and non-governmental organisations to drive forward Fondation Franz Weber projects in Peru.

Languages: Spanish, English

Virginia Portilla Virginia Portilla

Virginia Portilla

Coordinator of the delegation of the Galapagos Islands

I am a psychologist, currently completing my master in Government and Public Management for Latin America at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona. I am a member of the psychologists’ association «Coordinadora por la Prevención de Abusos» (CoPPA). From 2016 to 2019, I was office director of the research center «Estudios para la Relación entre Animales y Humanos»(ERAH) of the Provincial Government of Guayas. The center explores the relationship between animals and humans from a scientific perspective.

Currently, I am coordinating a project for the management of urban fauna that aims to reduce the impact on the conservation of endemic species in the Galapagos Islands, San Cristóbal.