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In 1975, the famous Swiss ecologist, Franz Weber created Fondation Franz Weber.
The organisation is committed to passionately carrying out a diverse range of campaigns in Switzerland and around the world to protect animals and nature.



Using investigations, exposés, intense debates and lobbying, Fondation Franz Weber (FFW) actively fights to preserve nature and the countryside to increase biodiversity and to keep natural environments unspoilt. Aware of the constant threats and terrible sufferings of animals, FFW is untiring in its commitment to their protection, to the recognition of their rights and to the abolition of inhumane practices, such as bullfighting and the exploitation of working animals.

Specific projects, such as the creation and management of nature reserves and the filing of popular initiatives and legal actions, regularly result in extraordinary victories for our planet. Whether African elephants, baby seals in Canada, wild horses in Australia, or magnificent countrysides, FFW works tirelessly to show that nature in all its glory, flora and fauna – indeed life itself – do not belong to one single country, but to all of humanity.

FFW sees humankind as an integral part of the environment, of nature, of our planet. Therefore, it is our duty to defend them relentlessly and to give a voice to those that cannot speak.

“It is hard to believe that such a small organisation has achieved so much.”
a benefactor of Fondation Franz Weber


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