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It is only thanks to your donations and continuing generosity that we are able to move mountains for animals, nature and homeland. Be a lasting part of a world worth living in – for people, animals and nature.

As a benefactor, you will support our work directly with an annual contribution starting at CHF 60. Each quarter, you will receive our magazine, Journal Franz Weber, to stay up to date with our work, campaigns and projects.

Would you like to care for the animals at our Sanctuary Equidad in Argentina? Or do you prefer to collect signatures to help with our campaigns? Take action and support us with your voluntary work. We look forward to hearing from you!

In order to offer a carefree life to more than 250 animals on our 312ha large Sanctuary Equidad in Argentina, we depend on your help. By becoming a sponsor for Equidad, you enable the rescued animals to live in peace and dignity.

Help protect the wild horses of Australia (brumbies) by becoming a sponsor for Bonrook,, the Franz Weber Territory. The 500 square kilometer large sanctuary is still the only refuge for Australia's wild horses and at the same time, a safe haven for numerous rare native species.


Latest Standing Strong for Love to Prevent Wars
13.07.2023 Virginia Portilla
Animal protection

Standing Strong for Love to Prevent Wars

For over a year, we have been following the events of war as if it were a live broadcast. If we look closer, we see the result of violence among beings that has become normalized.

Latest Historic Horse Chestnut Avenue at Hirschengraben in Bern Threatened to Be Destroyed!
01.02.2021 Fondation Franz Weber
Homeland protection

Historic Horse Chestnut Avenue at Hirschengraben in Bern Threatened to Be Destroyed!

On 7 March 2021, the citizens of Bern will vote on the implementation loan for the construction and traffic measures in connection with the expansion of the train station Bern. More than two dozen healthy…

Latest The Ecological Wisdom of Indigenous Peoples
17.07.2023 Fondation Franz Weber
Nature protection

The Ecological Wisdom of Indigenous Peoples

The elders of the Kogi, an indigenous people from the Amazon, have travelled to us to share their extensive knowledge of the world. They want to help us approach current societal challenges differently and together,…

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