February 1972

A fight against the destruction of the landscape by highway projects

At the beginning of 1970, Franz Weber was called from all corners in Switzerland to save the landscape from new destructive highway segments. He put under his line of sight the trace of planned Swiss highway routes or that were already in construction.



His sensational actions and his cantonal initiatives were successful and managed to save specifically the legendary Lausanne-Ouchy and its sumptuous gardens at the edge of Lake Leman, preventing the not well-planned “brettelle de la Perraudettaz”. They also saved the precious Simmental and prevented the highway project Simmental-Rawyl. Finally, Franz Weber saved the right shore of lake Sempach from devastation by the N2 between Sempach and Sursee, thanks to the creation of an underground tunnel at the charming village of Eich and the ravishing Mariazell bay.