November 1978

Delphi’s savior

Two times (in 1978 and 1986) as the result of great international actions, Franz Weber was able to save the Greek site of Delphi from enormous industrialization projects.

Actually, the world’s first Greek oracle, whose monuments attract millions of tourists, stands close to rich deposits of bauxite. Therefore, the Greek government has searched two times for associates to mine Delphi’s bauxite and build an aluminum factory. Franz Weber campaign, supported by several celebrities, among them Melina Mercouri and Marcello Mastroianni, leads to the abandonment of the project by the Greek government. In 1997 Franz Weber got by the means of it (20 years ago exactly) the prestigious tittle of “Honorary Citizen of Delphi”.

Photo: Franz Weber saved the city of oracles in Delphi. To preserve the greatest sacred vestiges of antiquity, he was supported by the actress and Greek culture minister Melina Marcouru and the actor Mascello Mastroianni.