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Experts Call on U.S. to ban imports of live elephants

31 experts in elephant biology, conservation and management, including Dr. Hedia Baccar, Dr. Keith Lindsay and Dr. Rosalind Reeve, with whom FFW works regularly, sent a letter to the US Fish and Wildlife Service as part of a consultation on the rules governing live elephant imports.

The experts call on the US to refrain from importing live elephants, arguing that the captivity of elephants in zoos or other captive facilities provides no benefit whatsoever to the conservation of the species in its natural habitat (in situ). FFW supports this approach and hopes that the US will follow the advice of those who know elephants and their needs best!

Link to letter: https://www.africanelephantjournal.com/revisions-to-the-endangered-species-acts-section-4d-rule-for-the-african-elephant/

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