June 1971

Les Baux-de-Provence

Saving Surlej made Franz Weber a worldwide celebrity. They called for his help from all corners, especially for protecting Les Baux-de-Provence, at the South of France.

To fight against the mining of bauxite by an industrial giant, Franz Weber organized an international movement of protest. The operators were forced, due to pressure of public opinion, to massively reduce their project. Three years later a new misfortune threatened: two kilometers away from Baux, in Alpilles, 600 bungalows would be built at the heart of a natural reserve. Franz Weber asked for the support of French President Georges Pompidou, in whom he found an ally. The project was stopped. “Weber and Pompidou have saved Alpilles!” we could read at the first page of one of the biggest Swiss newspapers.

Photo: To save the region of Alpilles and Les Beaux-de-Provence, Franz Weber got the support of the French President at the moment. “Weber and Pompidou have saved Alpilles!”, read the newspapers of the time.