May 1976

Protection of seals

In 1977 Franz Weber mobilized the media around the world against the massacres committed to baby seals, perpetrated on Canadian sea ice. He has the support of Brigitte Bardot, whom he knows from his years as a journalist in Paris.


His fight of almost seven years, leads to the Canadian banning of seal hunting, from 1983 and during 12 years. The hunt of baby seals, the ones that still have their white fur, is definitely forbidden.

The stubborn campaign conducted by Franz Weber Foundation against seal hunting in Canada, from a long time now, has contributed in a decisive manner to the prohibition of importing seal products in 35 countries, among them the European Union, USA, Russia and Switzerland.

Photo: This photo made news around the world and made Franz Weber an icon of animal protection. In his campaign against horrible seal hunting, movie star Brigitte Bardot supported him.