The issue

From a legal point of view, bullfights are an exception to the laws governing the prevention of animal abuse. In all countries where bulls are still permitted to be tortured, such action would actually be prohibited in accordance with the respective animal protection law if the animal in question were a different animal or species. However, there exists this obligatory exception clause, which states: “except in the context of bullfights.”

To justify this legal exception, bullfighting vets have gone so far as to come up with a staggering claim through a pseudo-scientific study: the bull, apparently, is the only highly developed mammal not to feel pain; instead he experiences the brutal and ultimately fatal stab wounds and other torture wreaked on him in the corrida as a stimulus.

Our project

“Bulls don’t feel pain!” We must not let the jubilation of the bullfighting promoters over this absurd nonsense go uncontested. Our response is: “… and cows can fly!” (Las vacas vuelan! ‒ literally “And cows might fly!”).

Together with the Veterinary Association for the Abolition of Bullfighting (Avatma: Asociación de Veterinarios Abolicionistas de la Tauromaquia), we have put up a website under the slogan of flying cows.

Using readable scientific reports, powerful videos and 3D animations, the website depicts all the stages of the horrific suffering that a bull goes through during the corrida, right up to the bitter end.

We have found no better weapon against this complete mockery of real science than to respond with humour. We weep over these bulls, but we laugh at their executioners.

Our goals

  • Refute the ridiculous claim that bulls do not suffer in bullfights
  • Strip any scientific credibility from those who disseminate this kind of rubbish
  • Make a mockery of this pseudo-scientific claim
  • Pick apart the manipulative methods, lies and misstatements of the bullfighting lobby

Facts and Figures

* * *

0 euros
went into rearing bulls for bullfighting in 2015 from EU subsidies
0 per cent
of Spanish people in 2009 had no more interest in bullfighting, according to a survey
0 euros
a torero can pocket for a single bullfight
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