The issue

Many pandemics that humans are victims of, especially the most deadly ones, can be traced back to the consumption of animals. HIV or AIDS, BSE or the mad cow disease, Nipah, H1N1 or the swine flu, SARS, avian influenza, MERS-CoV, the Ebola virus, and now COVID-19, are all zoonoses (diseases that animals spread to humans). The coronavirus has already killed thousands of people throughout the world, harming governments, the health system, and the safety of the planet’s populations.

There is no doubt that it is important to take measures to contain the epidemic. Measures that can prevent such pandemics are even more important. Governments, the media, and the population now must be more and better informed of the reality of these diseases, and especially of their common denominator: excessive and thoughtless consumption of animals.

Our project

Fondation Franz Weber is launching a monographic information campaign on the worst epidemics and pandemics that have affected humanity the last few years. They all can be traced back to the consumption of animals!

For this campaign, we are preparing fact sheets on each disease, their political and economic consequences, the decisions governments have taken to contain or prevent them, as well as a series of articles, documentaries, and studies to disseminate this information. Our teams are already working with scientists, journalists, economists, jurists, sociologists, psychologists, and political experts.

In each file, we will also include opinion pieces, scientific reports, and interviews conducted with experts from various fields. The idea is to obtain a protein transition by sending these comprehensive files—translated into four languages—to governments all over the world, and to let media access them.

Our goals

  • Prevent pandemics, instead of combating them
  • Provide comprehensive information to the population on the consequences of a diet that is mainly based on animal protein
  • Have governments all over the world conduct public policies to support the conversion of intensive farming companies, which endanger our health and survival
  • Give the media access to technical material to disseminate this information to society at large
  • Prevent the overexploitation of animals in intensive farms
  • Avoid capturing wild animals for consumption
  • Improve the health of the planet, by dismantling the intensive farming industry, and by no longer removing animals from their natural habitats


Facts and Figures


0 billion
animals die each year in industrial farming
0 million tons
of wildlife meat are consumed worldwide
0 countries
- and more - are reached worldwide by our campaign
0 diseases
have been analysed as part of our campaign
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