August 2013

Founding the Sanctuary Equidad in Argentina

At the newly established Sanctuary Equidad, the foundation takes in freed rubbish-collection horses, provides them with medical care, looks after them and gives them a new life in peace and dignity.

They exist all over Latin America: horses, mules, donkeys and ponies pulling heavy loads, mainly rubbish carts, in urban areas. In Argentina alone, tens of thousands of these animals are forced to haul rickety old waste collection carts.

With the campaign “No more rubbish-collection horses!” (or in Spanish: “Basta de TaS!”) Fondation Franz Weber, together with the Argentinian animal welfare organisation LIBERA!, has been raising awareness about these abuses in Latin America for years. “Basta de TaS!” aims to replace these horses with motorised vehicles and put an end to the mistreatment they are forced to endure.

At the Sanctuary Equidad, the freed rubbish-collection horses can recover from their miserable existence, suffering and abuse, and start a second, peaceful life.