January 1983

Savior of Giessbach

At the beginning of the 80s, Franz Weber campaign titled “Giessbach for the Swiss people” has the goal of saving the historical Grandhotel Giessbach that dominated the Lake of Brienz and was under threat of demolition. This campaign is described as “a project never before seen”.


The idea of Weber is this: “The Giessbach”, its installations and its incredible landscape have to belong to Swiss people, like the Rütli belongs to Swiss young people. That is how the Swiss people had to gift themselves with this present in order to assure the continuity of Giessbach. This idea was welcomed with enthusiasm, not only by the Swiss but also beyond national borders. Franz Weber campaign allows the preserving of this historical establishment that reopened its doors in 1984.

Photo: The magnificent Grandhotel Giessbach above the turquoise Lake Brienz in the middle of the mountain scenery of the Bernese Oberland.