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How will the #BecauseWeEatAnimals campaign unfold and what is its final goal?

During the entire month of April, as part of this campaign translated into four languages, we will publish information on epidemics and pandemics caused by animal consumption, as well as on the global food model in general.


 In summary, here, are the type of publications you can expect:


Monograph reports

There will be a total of nine monograph reports: one for each disease/virus/pandemic.  For quick reading, each report will include, using a variety of sources, a general explanation as well as additional text and links to explore each topic in greater depth.


Live broadcasts

More than 20 “live” programs, ranging from short documentaries to interviews, will be presented on our social networks (Instagram, Facebook and YouTube). This will give you access to the expertise of science experts, politicians, nutritionists, sociologists, philosophers, economists, journalists and activists.



As part of our campaign, we will also publish videos, reports, documentaries and articles on each epidemic and pandemic, covering areas as varied as nutrition, environmental impact, economics, agro-industry, etc.


Final objective

On April 28, 2020, we will publish a video summarising all the information presented by the campaign. During the first week of May, we will compile a completed file, translated into four languages, containing the essential information unveiled by our campaign (based on interviews, presentations, monographic reports, etc.).

This dossier will then be sent to elected officials in more than 100 countries with whom we are in contact, as well as to major intergovernmental bodies such as FAO, UNDP, UNEP, WHO, CITES and others. The idea is to present to world leaders an international agreement designed to set in motion a protein transition, in other words, an entirely new food model.


More information:

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