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News from Brazil: Mara now lives together with the other elephants!

Last week Mara finally arrived at the Brazilian elephant sanctuary after leaving the zoo in Buenos Aires, Argentina, behind for good. In order for Mara to reach her destination in Brazil, the Fondation Franz Weber team worked closely with the team of the zoo and the sanctuary.

Mara was born in India and then sold to a circus as a baby. She was passed around among many circus owners and animal tamers until she was confiscated by the authorities in the 1990s and taken to the city zoo of Buenos Aires.

The elephant showed a stereotypical movement pattern with her head, which many animals develop due to years of captivity, and which did not stop during her time in the zoo. A clear sign of stress and frustration! Since the day Mara arrived at the sanctuary, that repetitive pattern of movement has finally stopped. What a relief!

And, even more importantly, Mara now shares her life with Rana, one of the other elephants of the reserve!


This week, Mara has started her new life – that of a real elephant – while we, in cooperation with the ‘Global Sanctuary for Elephants‘ (@sanctuary4elephants), pursue the big goal of freeing all elephants in captivity in Latin America. Our next step? Working towards bringing the African elephants that are currently still in the Buenos Aires zoo to the sanctuary in Brazil. How can you support this big mission? Every contribution, no matter how small, helps us giving more elephants a life worth living! ffw.jethro.beta.cubetech.ch/your-involvement/

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