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You and the Owls – a Survey

Fondation Franz Weber supports the protection of the barn owls. If the landscape is intact, the barn owls are also doing well. In Switzerland, Professor Alexandre Roulin of the University of Lausanne has been researching these birds with the heart-shaped face veil for about 30 years. He is making sure that the silent predator is preserved in our country. Now, together with Professor Christine Mohr, he is studying the psychological aspects in humans that influence owl protection.

You and the owls

The protection of our environment requires a better understanding of psychological phenomena. These are likely to contribute to whether a person is prepared to work for its protection. To better understand psychological aspects of conservation, we study owls, because these animals do not leave us indifferent, we love or hate them!  In the following questions we would like to know what you spontaneously think about owls. We ask you several questions about owls, what you know, think and feel about them.

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