Fondation Franz Weber

Ban Correbous in Catalonia!

On 21 September 2011, the last bull was tortured to death in a Catalan bullring. The parliament’s previous decision to abolish bullfighting was cheered throughout the world and also led to a new debate: What happens to the bull festivals – called correbous – where the bulls are not killed but are heavily mistreated and tortured?

A bill is now before the Catalan parliament that would abolish three of the four existing forms of correbous. At the same time, the debate about the animal-torturing festival is escalating among the population of affected regions, as several people have published photos and videos documenting this cruelty. These images have triggered a huge wave of outrage on social media as well as in the Catalan media. Hence, the political parties are under massive pressure. This is a good thing! Fondation Franz Weber is working to ensure that the law banning correbous will be in force by 2023.

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