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Today marks the 10th anniversary of the abolition of bullfighting in Catalonia!

Fondation Franz Weber is working for an end of bullfighting in the whole world. That is why some of the activists who won this magnificent victory in Catalonia in 2010 have been part of our team ever since. FFW is present in 7 of the 8* countries where these cruel practices are still allowed and will not rest until bullfighting has completely disappeared all over the world.

In order to abolish bullfighting in Catalonia, FFW actively supported the platform “Prou!” (Catalan for “Enough!”) created by activists. The platform “Prou” launched a legislative initiative with the aim of the definitive abolition of bullfighting in Catalonia, Spain. Thanks to a large-scale campaign and intensive lobbying, an overwhelming majority in the Catalan parliament voted for the abolition on 28 July 2010. An incredible victory against barbarism and animal torture!

In January 2012, the law, i.e. the abolition of bullfighting in Catalonia was implemented. FFW created a video for this occasion: through a series of interviews and images, you can follow the process that took place in Catalonia and its moving conclusion – which represents a historic victory for the animals. You can hear first-hand some of the most important anecdotes and learn about the impact of this legislative decision, both in Catalonia and in those parts of the world where animal torture events are still permitted.


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*Spain, Portugal, France, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, (Venezuela)

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